Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When the American way isn't enough, here comes JAPAN to beef things up!

When considering Japanese animation, super heroes, and manga one is usually filled with the thoughts of ninjas, samurai, mystical heroes that are half demon, or the stereotypical "kawaii", big boobed bringer of justice!

Usually the genres of muscular superheroes (such as Captain America, the Hulk, and Spiderman) and science fiction (excluding giant robots) are assumed to be American since that is usually what our animation style consists of. They never usually cross without some kind of terrible misunderstanding between the two cultures.
It's very obvious that America has done its part on messing up Japanese cartoons and heroes that the Japanese themselves consider as their own "Captain America" or "Luke SkyWalker". *cough* *cough*
But it's incredibly rare to find animations or comics from America that Japan has screwed up without some digging! Well dear readers, my hands are dirty for you as I've done some nice digging here and have found a few rare gems in the rough of horrible representations of American animation and comics that were released in Japan!

For starters, apparently the Japanese thought that the 4 fabulous turtles of the TMNT were not beefed up enough for their children to view properly. So add some steroids, samurai armor, a catchy tune, and of course some giant robot and Godzilla crossovers and you get THIS:

In short, while this set of Ninja Turtles is a bit more flashy, I think the pure fighting sense of TMNT that was in the original 80's cartoon has been "lost in translation" so to speak.
Although I will truthfully admit, that was hilarious!

Next up we have the amazing Spiderman! Anyone from the US will know the famous web slinggin' superhero from New York that would jump from building to building saving us "average joe" American's from crazy catastrophes of random super villains! So I'm sure that you, dear reader, are interested to see how the Japanese think Spiderman should save people in Tokyo!

Yes people, you DID just see a giant flippin' robot at Spiderman's whim! That's Japan and that's how they do it! Take whatever it is, throw a giant robot in there, and it instantly becomes Japanese AND cooler!

At this rate I'm sure you're wondering if there is some kind of animation or comic that Japan HASN'T messed up! Well you're in luck, because this next clip is equally (if not more) flashy and exciting than the original American intro of this show.

Yup, I have to say that was possibly the coolest way I've seen the X-Men introduced! The shadowing on the animation was definitely a nice touch.

Okay! Last but not least, I have something I never thought I would see coming while doing this search! We have:


I honestly thought that a Star Wars manga was a good idea. The art style fits several of the major scenes like this one:

It's definitely an American made story and subject, but the art style of this manga has such a good feel to it and definitely says," HEY! I'M STILL MADE IN JAPAN!" Quite possibly the perfect blend of American material and Japanese artistic abilities.

Here's another picture, this one however SCREAMS Japanese art though!

Ha ha ha! Oh Princess Leia, when will she ever learn?

Anyways, if you guys have anything out there you want me to write about, hit up the comment box! Or if you have an American story re-done in Japanese style I didn't do, lemme know and I'll edit into this post!

Everyone have a great week! Now that I'm settled in school I'll probably update more often!

Thanks for reading!