Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebook's Affect on Friendship

It has become far more than apparent to me what social networking such as Facebook has done to the term and meaning of "friendship". Don't get me wrong, I think Facebook is a great way to find people if you've lost their phone number, e-mail, home address, etc.

However, Facebook has made the majority of people now incredibly lazy when it comes to contacting friends or keeping in touch with old ones they don't see anymore. Instead of calling, writing a letter, dropping by, or even texting we simply rely on Facebook that we can get a hold of someone, talk to someone, remember their birthday, etc.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I feel like Facebook has turned a lot of friendships that I have had with people into a plastic, leave a message I'm not here right now, highschool-esque concept with people that I do truly care about.

Of course, I try to reach out to certain friends when I feel a particular friendship has transformed into something like that. However, my attempts to re-kindle old friendships are usually met with being ignored, or receiving a short and robotic reply to whatever it is that I say to them.

So, I have decided that while Facebook is incredibly handy to talk to other friends with, I am going to work on being a friend to those that I have lost touch with. I am going to be more up to date with my friends, stop relying on Facebook to be my everything when it comes to contacting friends, and try to get some old friends back.
I'm sure that if you're a Facebook user and you're reading this, you can think of at least one relationship with someone that has gone cold and plastic. So why not join me? Write that friend a letter, give them a call, shoot them a text about their day, drop by their work place just to see them, let them know that you care about being their friend!

Let's all break away from Facebook's hypnotic spell and try to be better friends to ones that we care about! I know this is a very hippie like thing for me to say, but I think being a good person and a great friend is important to any kind of lifestyle anywhere in the world!

In the end folks, don't do what I've done, don't let Facebook take all your friendships and turn them into a "friend count". Remember each and every one of those friends, the memories you had with them, and let them know that you care!

Thanks for reading! I'll have something a bit less dramatic up hopefully by the end of the week!